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MARCH 13, 2014, 7PM


For Immediate Release

NEW HOPE, PA, February 27, 2014.


Calling all lovers of historical, literary and soul-nourishing fiction to a delightful evening of conversation with local author, Laura Matson Hahn.


A resident of New Hope, PA for 25 years, Ms. Hahn has been active in the community through the Arts Council and the Zoning Hearing Board, in addition to a full time career in Strategic Communications and professional writing.


Fourteen years ago she began what is now THE HEART CODE Novel, released September 18, 2013. New Hope Library will host her as a speaker on March 13, 2014 at 7pm. Attendees are requested to register on line at


The program will include a reading. Laura has a degree in Oral Interpretation of Literature and will bring the passage alive using her vocal and physical tensions. “This is probably my favorite part of marketing,” Hahn said. “Performing my own work, using the skills I learned in college and taught to young people in my career.” She has selected a passage that presents all the characters in a robust conversation over dinner. “It will take a lot of preparation to perform such a scene,“ Hahn explained. “But I believe it provides an excellent insight to the book’s flavor and content.”


The Novel focuses on the question: ‘Everyone Says Follow Your Heart, But Who Ever Shows You How?’ The main protagonist is the grandmother nicknamed “Gamma,” whose desire is to ensure her only grandchild, Celeste, has a fighting chance to know and follow her own heart’s whispers. “Gamma,” Hahn said, “is a metaphor for a mentor, which most of us have had – and not necessarily by a direct relative.” But she stressed that BEING a Gamma to others is just as important and should be celebrated and brought to the forefront. She hopes to engage the audience in a lively discussion about having and being a Gamma – and why it matters even more in our digitally distracted world.


Those who wish to purchase the book can do so that evening for $15, and Hahn will be donating $5 from each sale back to the Library.


For more information on THE HEART CODE novel: Register for the Library Talk at


THE HEART CODE Novel. Written by Laura Matson HahnTHE HEART CODE is a universal story of the quest to hear and heed one’s heart's voice. Set in 1930's Connecticut, Czechoslovakia's Bohemia and New York City, this heartwarming, inspirational adventure follows three friends, two families and one unforgettable grandmother over two continents and four years as it reveals the map for discovering one's own heart wisdom ... and the secrets of the Bohemian Way carried in six copper bracelets. An old fashioned tale with strong characters, robust action, and contemporary themes, it presents a tonic to quench the thirst of anyone seeking to find their own true path. Part Coming of Age story for every age, it also encompasses Romance, Adventure and Family Dynamics as it focuses on personal growth and resurgence through visionary wisdom based on modern day heart-science and the lore of the historic, original Bohemians, the Boii Celts, circa 3000 BCE; all wrapped around a wise and loving grandmother anyone would love to call their own.


The Heart Code, Published by Conversation Farm 2013, ISBN 978-0-9890495-0-4


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