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The Many Faces of  Author

Laura Matson Hahn

Original Heart Rock that Inspired the Book Cover

20 feet tall, tucked away in a New Hope ravine.

A Historic Adventure

A Romantic Philosophy

A Universal Story of the Heart's Wisdom


"Family-based fiction with a wise, Bohemian Grandmother dedicated to transferring the practice of living a heart-centered life to her only granddaughter in 1930's Connecticut, Czechoslovakia and New York City."


A Page Turner and A Soul Stirrer


Inspired by Paul Pearsall's groundbreaking book on the science of the heart's unique intelligence, THE HEART CODE Novel taps into the lore of the ancient Bohemians, who herald back to 3000 BCE, to connect the "hows and means" of "Following Your Heart."


Unforgettable Characters of all Ages, in

Search of their own Truth, anchored by a the wise and wonderful Gamma, a grandmother we would all love to know.



A Heartwarming, Inspirational Adventure of Three Friends, Two Families and One Unforgettable Grandmother with the map for knowing one's own heart wisdom . . .  and the secrets of the Bohemian Way, carried in six copper bracelets.


Strong Characters.

Robust Action.

Contemporary Themes.

A Thirst Quenching Tonic . . .

for everyone seeking their own truth.


An Engaging, Soul-Nourishing Read.


Read First Five Chapters


                                      Enjoy The Book Now!

The Heart Code Novel by Laura Matson Hahn

In Ancient Bohemia, the Boii Celts built their culture on the belief that every being had a unique code in their heart to be honored. 


For they believed they would grow strong and true when they valued the unique gifts each being brought to their lives.


And they did - grow strong and true.  As a culture and a philosophy from 3000 BCE to today and beyond. 


Does the Bohemian Spirit course through your veins, too?

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