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Ask Gamma your toughest question about living a heart-centered life.  About yourself, your spouse, your kids, your extended family.

She will give you her best answer. 

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Dear Gamma:

What do you say to an 11 year old who wants to do something with their friends that you don't think is wise, but she says "everyone's doing it."

- Hesitant Mom.

Dear Hesitant Mom:

Living a heart-centered life is a long time journey. Takes much talking and practice before it click. So please, for you, I hope much patience as your daughter learn to understand for herself. For this situation, ask her why she want to do whatever it is and how she will feel, inside, doing whatever it is. Ask quietly for her to be specific, and Listen deeply. Then ask her to compare that feeling to the feeling she has when doing something you know she loves. Help her connect the feeling to words that resonate in her heart. Remind her of that feeling when words resonate in the heart.  It is a very special feeling that will help all her life. But after that, if you feel it is not right, be brave to say no, and tell her true why you think not, and then perhaps do something together you both love during that time.  

Love, Gamma   

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