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"Contemporary Heart Science Meets Historic Bohemian Philosophy"

THE HEART CODE is a universal story of hearing and heeding one's heart voice.


Set in 1930's Connecticut, Czechoslovakia's Bohemia and New York City, this heartwarming, inspirational adventure follows three friends, two families and one unforgettable grandmother over two continents and four years as it reveals the map for discovering one's own heart wisdom ... and the secrets of the Bohemian Way carried in six copper bracelets.


An old fashioned tale with strong characters of all ages, robust action, and contemporary themes, it presents a tonic to quench the thirst of anyone seeking to find their own true path.


Part Coming of Age story for every age, it also

encompasses Romance, Adventure and Family dynamics as it focuses on personal growth and resurgence through visionary wisdom based on modern day heart-science and the lore of the historic, original Bohemians, the Boii Celts, circa 3000 BCE; all wrapped around a wise and loving grandmother anyone would love to call their own.





CHARACTERS  Which One('s) Are You?

In Order of Appearance


CELESTE:  We meet her at age 6 by the creek but follow her life from 16 to 20. Daughter of a hardware merchant in a small town outside Hartford, CT, she is graced with beauty and a good mind, when she applies it. 


GAMMA:  Grandmother of Celeste - Born in Bohemia 1850 - Immigrated to NYC 1870 for an arranged marriage to a Hardware Merchant. One son: Martin. Widowed. Lives with son and daughter-in-law Myrtle in Gladdenbury CT.


MYRTLE:  An Irish Immigrant with a difficult family background and strong social aspiriations. Met and quickly married Martin Howe but didn't expect to lose her first child and subsequently live with his mother, due to the early death of Martin's father. Her overarching goal is to see her daughter married to a rich, prominent family and she connives to make the right connections for that outcome. 


MARTIN:  The son of Gamma who grew up near the  NYC docks and desired to become a sailor, like his Uncle Yazzi.  But his mother kept him at home, first by his studies and then as the heir to his father's hardware stores. He met and quickly married Myrtle, with plans to become a sailor, when two life tradegies dramatically changed his path.


RON:  Youngest son of Gladdenbury's richest family, he excells at the game of Squash and is smitten with Celeste when they both work a Church Tea.  


ESTELLE:  Born into a socially prominent family, Married Jack Meaden and bore six childern, Ron being her last. Piller of the community with social prestige, her main focus is on getting her eldest son, James, to settle down and take over the family insurance business.  


JAMES:  Eldest son of the Meaden Family.  Followed expected protocal, graduated Yale, began working with his father and with his mother's help, began travelling the world i search of securing assests for the company. Now living in NYC, and inspite of his weariness with world travel, he has no intention of settling down according to his parent's wishes.


EDE:  Best Friend of Celeste, immigrated from Italy when she was three.  Only child of Artist's parents, she possesses an indifatigueable ebulliant spirit and is gifted with precocious artistic talent.   


JACK:  Patriach of the Meaden family and first son of an insurance entrepreneur, he successfully grew the family business, especially after winning the hand of the elegant and socially connected Estelle. As a team, they created strong family, business and community connections. But now in his 50's, and after meeting Gamma, he realizes what he lost by doing his father's, and grandfather's bidding.     


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