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Which Character Are You (Do You) Most Like?

Gamma? Ron? Celeste? Martin? Myrtle? Jack? Estelle? James?

Which Character most spoke to you?

Where do you think they will go next?

Where will you go next, too?

The characters in THE HEART CODE are each on their own journey though life - their own path of discovery in what matters to them and what they are willing to do - including sacraficing their true nature - to get what they think they want. Below is a brief synopsis of each characters motivations and contemplations of where they have been and may go - after the last page of THE HEART CODE Novel.

GAMMA - she is a metaphor for Mentor. She is that wise soul (at any age) who believes in helping others become their true selves. While far more pro-active in her youth, age has tempered her zest for jumping into the mix of things and now she will wait for a question before offering perspective or advice. THAT she pays attention to the soft, underbelly of a person is her greatest kindness. And THAT she will bide her time, hold her temper and tongue until the most opportune moment, is a prolific skill few learn in this life. But perhaps Gamma will inspire more to try.

RON: The youthful zeal of Ron is pure and good - at least at this point. He has had an advantaged life thus far - shielded from the difficulties most others have to grapple with at a younger age. But his simple love for Celeste makes us cheer for that coupling. However, would you really want to thwart someones dream just so they could satisfy yours? And would he be able to, once he realized the magnitude of what he offered? These are areas yet to be developed within Ron.

CELESTE: "Ahh, Youth." She is a tonic for a weary world. Beautiful, charming, infectiously enthusiastic to embrace life. Yet, she too has been hampered with an easy life. Everything came so easy to her. Struggling, as she does, to figure out what truly speaks to her is a path she has to take before her true path can emerge. And that she was willing to change her appearance and demeanor to match those around her is a cautionary tale, worthy of consideration. Can she leave that folly behind?

MARTIN: Here is a man who is worth his salt. Quite and demure, he keeps his own council and meets his responsibilities and promises. But what of his needs? His dreams? While on the one hand he gave up his dreams of sailing when his father suddenly passed, on the other, he treasures his daughter so much, he'd do it all over again to have her in his life. What does this say about dreams? Are they (as Gamma says) just something to do while we learn how to live? What will Martin now do, with his daughter taking her own wing and direction. What will he choose next?

MYRTLE: Ahh, the Irish lass with a terribly hard past landed the motherload of good fortune when she married Martin, and subsequently moved to Connecticut - the lap of luxury compared to her youthful squalor. But still, she wants more. And strive she will to get it. At what cost, one might ask? Is any cost justified when striving for another's success? Does a mother (or father) have the right to impose their dreams on their children's path? And what of her goals? Is getting to the next rung of society's ladder the most important? Or has her youth imprinted on her a need and hunger that will never be satisfied, no matter what good life may deliver?

JACK: Now he's a jolly good fellow. A balanced man who followed the rules without losing his own sense of humor and curiosity. And yet - when he meets Gamma and learns of the Heart Code, he is the first to investigate what that means to his life .... and the answer does not make life easier for him. Undaunted, he takes the steps to make the changes so he might grasp ahold of those fleeting dreams he had to leave behind to "do his duty". Will those dreams be enough now? Or will they morph into something he couldn't have thought of when his youthful self was conjuring up adventures.

ESTELLE: Born into society, with a silver spoon, cup and plate, Estelle knows how to flow - between any rung of society and any social event. She's run a tight ship, properly raising her 6 children with all the advantages life has to offer. And her family connections also flung open the doors for her husband's business to flourish. But were there some costs along the way, too? Costs she may have under estimated. While used to getting her way and achieving her objective, Estelle has a few blind spots that rank and privildge often puts in place. How will the challenges of her children choosing their own way shift and (possibly) open Estelle to more of her own wants and needs? Or is she too entrenched with the way "it's supposed to be?"

JAMES: At first glance, James is an obvious villan: Vain, self centered, a might bit conceited, indulged and indulgent, his life seems one to be envied while being despised. But beneath his veneer of curled-lip perfection, there is a boy who loved to play with sticks, building sculptures by the waters edge. All of which was swept away by his brothers accident and the burgeoning layers of responsibilities that pile on the eldest son of a prominent family. It must be acknowledged he delivered on their expectations, as well as his cunning to take advantage of his situation. Who can blame him for that? Now, though, with his kite strings cut free, who will he become? His true self or the one he thinks everyone wants to see?

So which one are you most like?

Or which one would you like to be?

And what have you learned from


to help you along your own true path?

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