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Living Your Truth is a Work Of Heart

My head hurts

The back left quadrant.

Maybe because I've been too social media minded lately.

Focused on the external, not the internal.

Driven by the brain, not my heart.

I know the difference.

The Brain jangles my body. The Heart soothes.

I'm of three minds of what to do about it -

ONE: What Will Be Will Be - It doesn''t matter what you do.

TWO: You Must Will it into Being - a head driven strategy for sure.

THREE: Do What You Are Drawn To - and Detach From The Outcome.

Three is the one that feels right, that calms me. That's when I know I'm in my heart.

Kurt Vonnegut said: "Focus on the good and forget the bad". The secret of life. (Slaughterhouse Five)

I agree and add:"Living Your Truth is a Work of Heart"



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